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Our academy seeks to enhance the development of our students throughout their entire training experience. As a team we are passionate and committed to providing real self defense training in Maryland. We offer the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. Contact us to schedule your trial classes and see the difference training with our team. 

Stanley Combatives offers Muay Thai, Filipino Dirty Boxing (Panantukan) and is the East Coast USA Representative for the Mastro Defence System.

Contact us for more information about our programs and classes and get started training today. 

Private Training Sessions

With Brian Stanley

Sign up today for your slot! remember 6 am to 6 pm Monday - Friday are the open slots available.


Muay Thai


Mastro Defence System


Filipino Dirty Boxing

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11400 Cronridge Dr Suite F

Owings Mills, MD 21117

(410) 207-8570

(410) 207-8570

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