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Our academy is made up of like-minded, positive individuals looking to train in self-defense to better prepare themselves for real threats and to help others. 

About the Instructor

Brian Stanley trains law enforcement, military personnel, Government contractors, and currently works in the security field as an Executive Protection Specialist.

Brian Stanley:


  • Regional Director for the East Coast for KRU Muay Thai

  • Kru (Full Instructor) of Muay Thai in KRU Training Sysytems

  • Maryland State Director USMTA – United States Muay Thai Association

  • Kru (Full Instructor) under the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association)

  • Registered Member of the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Asso.)

  • Registered and Ranked member UWMTA (United World Muay Thai Asso.)

  • Registered Member WKA (World Kickboxing Asso.)

  • Founding and Ranked member of X-Delta Submission Judo/Jiu-Jitsu under the USJA (United States Judo Asso.)

  • Doce Pares Knife Combative instructor

  • Lakan Guro (Instructor) in Panantukan-Filipino Dirty Boxing

  • USD (Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor) for U.S. Government training Law enforcement agencies and Military personnel

  • Ranked Member in the TBA (Thai Boxing Asso.) Training hours logged under Ajarn Chai Sirisute

  • Ranked member of the The World Tae Kwon Do Federation

  • Ranked Member in Tang Soo Do under the Moo Duk Kwan

  • Ranked student in Tong Leong under Grand Master Manuel Agrella

  • Former Officer for The Department of The Army

  • Former Officer (PSO) for The Department of Homeland Security

  • Executive Protection Specialist

  • Mastro Defence System East Coast USA Representative, Instructor Level 2

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